Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Creamy Dark Cocoa Oats

Of late the weather has taken a turn & it's been quite cold out, so this morning I felt like something warm & comforting which resulted in the birth of the most chocolaty creamy oats I've made to date and I thought I'd share the recipe with you all. Here is to delicious healthy & comforting food!
Dark Chocolate Goodness

You Will Need: (Serves 2)
  • 1 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk 
  • 1 Tbsp 100% Cocoa Powder 
  • 40g Chocolate Flavored Protein Powder (optional)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Sweetener of Choice (if so desired) 
  • Allow the water and milk to come to a simmer and add a pinch of salt
  • Add the cocoa powder & protein powder until dissolved and left with 'chocolate milk'
  • Add in the oats and continuously stir for 3-4 minutes 
  • Add additional almond milk for extra creaminess
  • Serve warm and add a sweetener of your choice if so desired 

Let me know in the comments your take on this delicious recipe, and tag me in your Instagram or Twitter posts @cocomllechloe, I'd love to see what you all come up with. 

Happy Cooking, 

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