Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Gym Essentials : The Basics

There are just a few things we simply cannot do without. Good quality gear is essential to prevent injuries and to ensure we all get a maximum out of our work outs. Not only will our performance be optimal but it also makes working out so much more enjoyable! 
Bottle, Training Shoes & Towel 

Here are my 3 essential basics: 

A good pair of training shoes
It's very important that your shoes provide your feet with support. I suggest to try on different pairs from different brands and in different sizes in order to ensure you choose the best pair that suits your foot and your gait. Make sure you remember to bring a pair of your training socks with you. Also ensure that the shoes you choose are applicable to the type of training you will be doing. 
My indoor training shoes are currently Nikes' Downshifters 5 

A Hand (small) towel
Not only for your comfort but for that of others. A towel will ensure you have a minimal amount of sweat dripping all over the gym machines and equipment as well as take the discomfort of you dripping all over the place out of the picture. I'm not saying sweating is bad, I'm just saying keep your sweat to yourself :) 
Any towel will do, although I like to color coordinate

A Bottle 
We all know that hydration is very important. No reminder needed. I try to have a bottle that can keep my water cool because we all know how hot our gyms can get at times and for me there's no worse feeling than drinking warm water, especially after some cardio. 
I'm currently trying this beauty out. Will let you know how I like her.
So there you go, 3 things I couldn't possibly do without on a daily basis during my workouts. Let me know what your top 3 gym basics are, or tag me on Twitter and Instagram @cocomllechloe 

Happy Training, 

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